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Wellstin Corporation was created due to the increasing number of obsolete cell phones ending up in our nation’s landfills. Cell phones contain many harmful and some very toxic materials that we cannot have entering our waste stream. With over 20 years of recycling and industry experience, we know we can offer the best, most efficient and most rewarding program to our partnering companies and individuals.

Wellstin Owner and CEO, Dustin Wiese, “There is a clear and present need to offer a rewarding and simple alternative to just throwing our old phones away. We understand that for a recycling program to be effective and have a positive impact, it must be rewarding for those involved. In that regard, we offer great buyback prices for used cell phones, make it simple for companies and individuals to send in their phones free of charge, and ensure everything is done very quickly and with the highest level of service.”

Wellstin Corporation is currently researching several areas that can help have a positive impact on our environment. From additional recycling opportunities to research in renewable energy, we wish to leave a positive and lasting impact on our community and the earth.

We ask that your join our green initiative and please help - Recycle. Also, If you are a business and have any obsolete electronic equipment, please check into our Complete Corporate Recycling Program. Just have one phone, please take just a moment and recycle it with Wellstin. Remember, we pay for every phone recycled.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you.

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Utilize our 20 years of Experience to Provide Our Corporate and Public Partners With a Simple, Secure, and Rewarding Cell Phone Recycling Program.
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