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Wellstin FAQ's
When will I get my check? - Once we receive your phones, your check will be processed and shipped to you via United States Postal Service 1st Class within 3 business days. It's very fast!

How do I ship my phones? Itís simple! Use the pre-paid FedEx labels to ship free of charge. To receive your labels, simply fill out the form on our website or call 866.700.3434. Give us a call and we will schedule FedEx to come out to your location to pick up your phones free of charge. You can also take your boxes to any FedEx location to send them to us.

You pay for every phone? We absolutely do pay for every complete cell phone that we receive! We have over 500 models of cell phones listed on our purchase price list. Phones that are broken, water damaged, simply too old and have no market value, or do not completely function as intended will still be paid for. These phones will be recycled and will be paid out at our recycled rate of $0.25 per cell phone sent. For a phone to be paid out at our recycled rate, it must be a complete phone, but we do not require batteries or accessories to be considered complete. It simply means that it is not in pieces or just parts of a phone.

Do you delete all the information off of my phones? Yes we do by request! Wellstin will remove all the personal information from your used cell phones and restore the phones to factory defaults, and if recylcled, the phone will be completely crushed and shredded during the recycling process. This is done by request. Simply place a note in your box of phones that you would like the information deleted, and we will take care of the rest. If you would like to delete the information yourself and need instructions, simply email Erase@Wellstin.com with your model numbers.

Do I need to have the batteries or accessories? No, we do not require that the batteries or accessories are sent. Your pricing is not reduced for not including them.

Do you pay for shipping?
Absolutely! We pay all of the shipping charges.
Simply fill out the form on our website or call 866.700.3434 to receive your FedEx Prepaid shipping labels.

How do I find out how much my phone is worth? Call us or go to the link http://www.wellstin.com/Price_List.php to view our purchase price list.

My phone is not listed on your pricelist. How much is it worth? Ensure that you have the correct model number of your phone. To find the phone's model number you will need to remove the back and the battery. On the phone itself, there will be a sticker with several barcodes. On this sticker, will be your model number. If you still cannot find your phone on our list, it is either that your phone is too old and we are now paying for that phone at our recycling rate, or that your phone is a newer model, and we can quote you a price by calling us at 866.700.3434. Newer models will be on the higher end of our price list.

How does your Highest Price Guarantee Work? We either pay more than other companies or we will match their price. For a price to qualify it must be from a legitimate company and for the base price of the phone. i.e. What they would pay for just the used phone. No battery, accessories, manuals, and in used functioning condition. Amounts that would be applied to a contract are not eligible. Many times a fly-by-night company will list a very high price to lure you in, but then reduce the amount severely if the phone is not brand new and complete in the box. We have set pricing for your phone; meaning no surprises!

Who is Wellstin? Wellstin is a used cell phone buyer that was created with the desire to have a positive and lasting impact on our environment. With over 20 years of recycling and industry experience, we know we can offer the best, most efficient and most rewarding program to our partnering companies and individuals. Wellstin is a Limited Liability Corporation established and operating in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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