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Note: Most model numbers are letters and numbers. Based on make, they will usually start with the following:

Samsung: SGH-####, SPH-#### SCH-#### - example: SGH-T309
Nokia: Usually a 4-digit number - example: 6650
BlackBerry: R then a 4-digit number - example: R-8900
LG: Usually starts with VX, UX, AX and then numbers - example VX5400
1. Remove the back and the battery from the cell phone.

2. On the phone itself will be a data sticker with various information. Look for "Model" to find the number.

(see illustration to the right)
General - Guide to find your model number (most cell phones)

Below are some simple instructions on how to find your cell phone model number. The instructions are broken down into 5 categories: General, Motorola's, Nextel's, Iphone's and alternative methods. 

If you are still having difficulty finding you model number after following the instructions below, please email info@wellstin.com and we will gladly help you
Motorola - Guide to find your model number

Step 1. Remove the back and the battery from the cell phone.

Step 2.
On the phone itself will be a data sticker with various information. The model number will usually be to the right of the MSN by itself.

(see illustration to the right)

Note: Motorola model numbers are usually a letter and then a few numbers.
Example: V600 or V3 or W490
Nextel  - Guide to find your model number
Step 1. Nextel Corporation is owned by Motorola. So your phone may say Nextel or Motorola on it. Currently all Nextel Phones models start with an "i" followed by numbers. examples: i730, i9, ic602

Step 2. Most Nextel model numbers are easily seen on the outside of the phone either on the front under the LCD or once flipped opened under the main LCD.
(see illustrations to the right)

Note: If your Motorola model number starts with an 'i" it is most likely listed on our price list under Nextel.

Iphone  - Guide to find your model number
Step 1. Determine if you have a 2g, 3g, 3gs, or 4g Iphone. This is done easily by looking at the back of the phone (see pictures). The "G" denotes the signal type used by the phone. Don't confuse this with how many Gigabytes your phone's memory is. That is covered in step 2.

2g - Will have an aluminum (metal) back. All others will be plastic.

3g & 3gs - Will have either a black or white back. An easy way to know the difference between 3g & 3gs is does your phone have a camcorder? If it does it is a 3gs. The 3g phones did not have video recording capability.

4g - The shape is slightly different on this model. It has a more squared look and has a metal frame that runs along the entire side of the phone. Will either be white or black. (see pictures)
Step 2. Now find how many gigabytes (or GB) of memory your Iphone has. Simply look at the back and at the bottom of the phone. it will printed directly on the back of the phone. (see picture to the right)
Examples: 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB

Alternative Methods  - Guide to find your model number
Option 1. Look on your cell phone box.

Option 2. Look on your bill from you cell phone service provider.

Option 3. Power up your phone. Many phones will display the model number when the phone is first powering up.

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