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Why Wellstin is the Best!
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Guaranteed Highest Prices Paid:
Wellstin Corporation is dilligent in paying you the highest prices for all of your used cell phones, and we will price match on all cell phones.

Quickest Payment - Check Mailed within 3 Days:
No one can match our speed of payment. Many days your check is mailed the same day we receive your cell phones!

Complete Removal of All Personal Data From Cell Phones:
We understand the need for privacy and we ensure that every cell phone has the personal information deleted off of it or that the phone is destroyed.

We Pay All Shipping Charges:
You are sent Pre-Paid FedEx Shipping labels, which you simply stick to your box and it will be shipped to us via FedEx free of charge.

We Pay for EVERY Phone:
If you have a cell phone, Wellstin will pay for it. No matter if it works or not. We pay for every cell phone sent to us!
A few of the key advantages to using Wellstin to Recycle your personal or business used cell phones. This is also why our customers vote us the best in the industry.
Award Winning Customer Service:
Great customer service is very important to us! We are all extensively trained to work with you and deliver the highest caliber of service.

Over 20 Years Recycling Experience:
Rely on our 20 years of industry experience to guarantee you receive the most for your used cell phones and fundraising drives. We understand the markets and how to deliver the best results to you.

Complete Audit Statement Sent With Payment:
Once your phones arrive, we do a complete inventory and audit of the phones you sent. The audit stament is mailed along with your payment.

Just Gather & Box Your Phones. We Will Take Care of the Rest!
We pay for shipping, we will schedule FedEx to come out and pick up from your location, we inventory your phones with a complete audit breakdown sent with payment, and we ship payment within 3 days!

Posted Price List
We proudly post our purchase price list. Wellstin purchases every cell phone and pays up to $200 per used cell phone depending on the model. Receive the most for your used cell phones with Wellstin!

Why Wellstin is the Best!
Service and Simplicity...
We set up all of our processes to make it as simple for our customers as possible while delivering the highest caliber of service. We expect everyone's experience to be a great one with Wellstin!
All of our Cell Phones are Reused or Recycled in Accordance to EPA Standards:
Recycling is very important to us and we take that responsibility very serious. We ensure that all of the cell phones you send will be responsibly recyled in accordance to EPA Standards.

Our Goal is to Recycle 1 Million Cell Phones Each Year:
With over 300 million cell phones in the United States alone, we have a goal to recycle over 1 million cell phones each year.

A Strict No-Landfill Policy!
At Wellstin we have a strict no-landfill policy. This is in place to assure you that no cell phone sent us will be thrown away.

Did You Know?
According to the EPA, more than 100 million cell phones are no longer used. If we recycled all of them, we would save enough energy to power 18,500 U.S. homes for a year!
And It's Great for the Environment!

At Wellstin, we take the responsiblity of recycling very seriously. We want to make sure that there is a simple way for everyone to recycle their old electronic equipment.
Put your old unwanted phones to great use. 100% of the purchase price will go directly to the charity of your choice with our "Cell Phones for Charity Program."
A cell phone fundraiser is a great way to raise funds for any organization. Not only do we supply all the materials for a successful cell phone fundraising drive, but we also pay for every cell phone collected!
When you sell your used cell phones to Wellstin, we gladly erase all of the personal data and restore your cell phone to factory default settings, however, if you wish to erase the data yourself, click here to have the instructions sent to you.
Is your office filling up with obsolete equipment? Wellstin Corporation's CCR Program offers complete and secure recycling options for all of your company's various used electronic equipment.
Simply fill out the form to the right or call us toll free at 1.866.700.3434 and we will send you a packet that will contain everything you need to sell your used cell phones. It will include information, a pricelist, and FedEx pre-paid shipping labels.
Box up your cell phones and use the FedEx pre-paid shipping label to ship your phones free of charge. If you like, call us toll free at 1.866.700.3434 and we will schedule FedEx to come out to your location to pick up your cell phones.
Your payment will be made within just 3 days. With your payment we will include a complete breakdown of the cell phones that you shipped to Wellstin. This makes inventory and record keeping very simple!
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Utilize our 20 years of Experience to Provide Our Corporate and Public Partners With a Simple, Secure, and Rewarding Cell Phone Recycling Program.
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